Sunday, 26 September 2021

Week Commencing 20th September 2021

Monday 20th September 

Jay was on an early shift today so Dembe was knackered after his very early morning walk. As usual Jay took Dembe out twice before he left for work, one up on the common and another around the block.

Dembe is coping really well with not having the walks with professional walkers and has stopped staring out the window for hours on end waiting for them to arrive. I feel really bad that he can't go out with them but he really needs to rest this leg.

I noticed this afternoon that Dembe has a small irritation on the left side of his face. It is possibly an insect bite that he sustained last week. Having gone through the photos I took of him last week I know it was Friday when this happened. I remember that Dembe came back from his walk around the block and kept rubbing his face on my legs. That isn't unusual for him but the reason it sticks in my mind is he was doing it for much longer than normal. The area is a bit red and swollen. I have washed it twice with Hibiscrub and I have gone online and got some cream to treat it. I will be keeping an eye on it to ensure it doesn't develop into a hot spot.

Tuesday 21st September

Jay was day off today but was out all morning so it was like a regular weekday for Dembe and I. Dembe was really settled and happy enough playing some brain games and of course having cuddles.

When Jay got back we took Dembe straight out for a walk at the Model Airfield on Woodbury common. There were lots of model aeroplanes flying today and some of them were really noisy but it didn't bother Dembe at all. He is really good with loud noises and is so totally different to all our previous dogs who freaked out at the wind and heavy rain, let alone thunder storms and fireworks.

Dembe was very happy indeed to have his daddy back home again, he practically sat on his dads lap whilst he got lots of cuddles. He behaves like he is a giant puppy.

His raw food arrived this evening, thankfully we got that all in the freezer and took 2 packs out ready to start introducing it to him slowly.

The area on his face that I think is an insect bite has gone down massively and is no longer bright pink. The cream I ordered arrived so I have been able to apply that twice after first washing the area with Hibiscrub.

Wednesday 22nd September

Jay was out most of the day today taking his mum to a hospital appointment. He walked Dembe several times before he left. Thankfully Dembe was a very tired pup today and spent the majority of the day asleep, so he was very low maintenance. 

Dembe's new bed arrived at around midday. Dembe was of course very suspicious of it. He spent ages sniffing every square inch of it and then he pawed it and dragged it into a huge ball, he then lay beside it. I went and laid it out flat again in the hope given time he would accept it! He eyed it with concern from the small sofa.

As you rarely hear him when he moves around the house, it had all gone quiet when I looked up and realised he had got off the sofa and was now lying on the new bed.

We ran out of Dembe's favourite treat Dentastix yesterday, we are making him go cold turkey and no longer have them. They aren't very good nutritionally speaking and they don't fit in with the B.A.R.F. diet. We are trying to get him switched over to more natural treats. We are giving him puffed pigs snouts instead of Dentastix.

Dembe's face is looking a lot better the area is back to its normal colour and is no longer swollen.

Dembe was very excited when his daddy got home. Jay took him straight out for a walk on the common.

Later in the evening Dembe christened his new bed!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Thursday 23rd September

Fusspot Dembe refused his breakfast this morning, it is my fault I pushed the raw food too quickly as I am always trying to run before I can walk. This will now impact us for a few days as he will be deeply suspicious of anything that is served to him. Bugger! 

I also managed to convince him that he didn't need a Dentastix this morning replacing it with a puffed pigs snout which went down a treat.

He is loving his new bed and every item that he gets to chew is taken back to his bed. This is the first bed that he has been like this with since he was a tiny pup.

Jay is on a late finish today so this afternoon Dembe and I have been having some short sessions of training teaching him to go on his bed. He is picking it up quite quickly probably because there are some scrummy treats involved.

As we are both knackered we go up to bed very early. Dembe is fast asleep when his dad gets home.

Friday 24th September

It is very warm today, normally the weather would have started cooling down by now. Me and Dembe are struggling with it. Jay is on an early shift today so Dembe has been out twice today before he has gone to work. I decided to have a go on my embroidery machine this morning and Dembe wasn't very happy with me. He went off and sulked in the garden where I could see him and he could keep an eye on me.

Back on his favourite garden chair!

We had a panicked phone call from Jay at midday. Due to people panic buying fuel Jay wasn't going to be able to get home at lunch time. He would have got out fine but he would never have managed to get back to work as the traffic was queuing all the way down the road outside his work. However one of our friends was up there shopping so he asked Uncle Paul if he would take Dembe out for a walk so that he didn't have to worry about Dembe all afternoon.

Paul turned up at around 1.30pm, it was boiling hot. He said can I take Dembe up the common so I said yes. I went with Paul so I could show him where Dembe normally goes. Dembe was an angel for Paul. He was really good in the back of the car, he just lay down like he does in ours. He also walked like an angel for him on the lead. Paul said he had no idea Dembe could be so well behaved. I did say to him you only see him when he is going mental with excitement as you have arrived. I told him Dembe only goes mental like that when he see's you. no one else. He was so impressed with Dembe he said that if we are in a situation like that again then we must ring him and he will take him out for us as he really enjoyed it. I am so proud of my baby boy.

Dembe was knackered after his walk with Paul and went to sleep,

Saturday 25th September

Today is Dembe's mummy and daddy's 21st Wedding anniversary! Dembe sent them both a lovely card.

Dembe had lots of cuddles today and we did some more training to get him learning the bed command. I shot a very poor quality video but here it is!

We have had a quiet day as I wasn't feeling the best. Dembe always seems to sense that and just gives me lots of cuddles.

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