Sunday, 12 September 2021

W/C 6th September 2021

Sunday 5th September

I don't always start on a Sunday but then the last few Sundays I have taken some cracking photo's of Dembe so I have decided to share them. 

Dembe's love affair continued today when I found two long lost socks tucked inside a tea towel which were a casualty of the tumble dryer. The socks were paired ( although they weren't a pair ) and then placed on the stairs ready to be taken upstairs. Dembe though had other ideas and immediately grabbed them and then paraded around the lounge with them.

He was so very proud of himself and he paraded with them several times throughout the day.

He decided today to dig out his tweed puppy from his toy box. He has had this toy since he was a tiny pup. He got it one day when I was at the doctors and daddy took Dembe to the indoor market for some environmentalisation training. Dembe chose this from the pet shop as daddy asked him to choose a toy. This was what he went for. He wasn't very happy when he had to hand it over for it to be rung up.

Monday 6th September

As Dembe's intermittent limp had gone away we decided to allow him to go out for a walk with Luke from Happy Dogs. He had a lovely walk and was fine after his walk. As it was so warm I got his paddling pool out to allow him to cool down as the temperature had soared whilst he was out with Luke.

Later on in the afternoon it became clear that Dembe's limp was back and worse than before, so I rang the vets and got an appointment booked for the following morning at 11am. As we still had some pain relief left I mixed it in with some cottage cheese and gave it to him. He goes crazy for cottage cheese.

You can see some slight evidence of his cottage cheese with the white dot on his nose!

Tuesday 7th September

Dembe has the vets today with his daddy at 11am. I decided to stay at home because it is so hot and due to Covid-19 I wont be allowed in the vets, only one of us can go in. Dembe and daddy are back much quicker than I expected. Today the vet has finally been able to see his limp, she has booked him in for a set of 6 x-rays, 3 on each front leg. In the meantime we have pain relief for him and we have to reduce his exercise with immediate effect. He is now only allowed 25 minutes off lead a day and the rest are just walks around the block for toilet breaks. The vet has said this could be a muscle tear that is just taking a while to heal but it could also be elbow dysplasia. They just wont know until the othopedic specialist has written their report after viewing the X-rays.

Due to the restricted exercise I have had to cancel all of Dembe's walks that he has booked with professional dog walkers. It is a shame as Dembe loves his walks but we need to ensure he isn't doing any further damage. We shall be playing some brain games with him to stimulate him mentally. As it is so hot Dembe isn't having long walks anyway.

Very grateful that he is insured as the X-rays alone will be coming in at over £700! 

As is usual when his daddy is home I barely get a look in! It is the Daddy and Dembe love in today.

Wednesday 8th September

Today will be Dembe's first day without his afternoon walk, that he would usually get on a Wednesday. As Sophie was on holiday he wasn't booked in for one today, so daddy is popping home on his lunch break at 5pm to take him around the block.

When Jay goes to work Dembe is stuck to me like glue. I am writing this week's blog post on my The Myasthenia Kid and he has nestled beside me on the sofa.

With his treat box coming last week it has made things easier occupying him. I pulled out a humongous furry cows ear (yuck), He enjoyed it and it kept him out of trouble.

When I was doing my pilates exercises Dembe climbed on top of me and dropped his wet partially chewed cows ear on my face, thanks boy! Mummy is always a climbing frame when she is on the floor no matter what she is doing.

He spent quite a bit of the afternoon snoozing and was very ready when his dad came home at 5pm for his walk around the block. When Jay got in at 10pm Dembe got his last walk of the day.

Thursday 9th September

Dembe was fizzing with energy today, it is safe to say he is missing the exercise that a long run brings. He is being a bit barky today so I decided to start playing brain games with him and so some training as well. It has been a long time since I have done this and I really need to get back in the habit.

I managed to capture him in this photo just on the inhale before he barked.

And here he is looking very cute

For our first brain game I got a muffin tin form the kitchen and some treats. I then searched through Dembe's toy box and found all the balls that he had plus a few toys. I then placed treats into the tin and covered the holes where the treats were with the toys. Whilst doing this i made Dembe sit and stay as otherwise he would have eaten them before I had the treats covered. As you can see from the video ( well hear) his nose is really engaged with this game as he works out where all the treats have been hidden.

I upped the difficulty level on each game, I did this by adding flat coasters instead of toys over the top of the treats so he had to work out that he had to slide the coasters.

Another game we played is one I call touch, so a while ago I trained Dembe to touch the palm of my hand with his nose when I say the command touch. I then vary the position my hands are in and change which hand I will use so no hand is in the same position twice. I don't think we had played this for around a year and he remembered it straight off. Of course this time I couldn't do any positions where he would be jumping up like I did before.

Daddy was due home at 6pm ( he had already been home at lunch time and walked him around the block), Dembe wanted to go to the toilet ( despite the fact the back door was open all afternoon) and lay in front of the door to let me know that is what he wanted.

Friday 10th September

Daddy was home poorly from work today, he had come down with a migraine overnight. He doesn't get them very often but when he does they are bad ones. Dembe spent a lot of the day upstairs with his daddy keeping him company. I wasn't feeling brilliant either with intermittent vertigo.

Dembe was knackered after being on duty all day!

Saturday 11th September

Daddy was back to work today and was on a late finish. None of us woke up until gone 9am, Dembe had been out at 5.30am but had come back to bed and had promptly fallen asleep. We were in shock that Dembe had allowed us to sleep for that long as lie in's are not something he does.

We are looking at changing Dembe's food again as he has been really awful of late with his food and turning up his nose. We have had a really good 18 months - 2 years with his eating but it is a royal pain in the arse when he starts refusing to eat. So we have decided to go back and try raw or B.A.R.F - biologically appropriate raw food. Dembe has problems with his ears which 9/10 is caused by an allergy to something in his diet, plus he has got a bit pudgy and needs to lose some weight. I went back to my favourite raw food site which is Dogs First and looked up how they recommended to switch a fussy eater over to raw. So for the last few days I have been adding a small amount of minced beef to his meals as we know that he likes raw mince from when I make his meat loaf.

Well the minced beef has gone down so well he is back to inhaling his meals and I have been able to reduce the amount of his normal food and replace it with beef. We shall still be doing this slowly and will use beef mince when we start moving him over to a better balanced raw food. I haven't seen him eat like that since he was a puppy! 

As Dembe was a sleepy boy today I managed to get some sewing done this afternoon. I did give him a deer leg to chew on but he didn't take any notice of that until later in the evening when he stripped it completely.

He was a very good boy for me today apart from when I was having my dinner and trying to watch an Italian TV show that had English subtitles. Dembe kept managing to position himself between my plate and the Tv so I was having to guess at what was being said whilst the subtitles were obscured.

We don't have any plans for Sunday other than to chill out and get some housework done! See you all next week

Sunday, 5 September 2021

W/C 30th August 2021

 Sunday 29th August 2021

Today we are going to Nanny Morris' house to meet up with family and have a catch up before the summer ends. Jay is going to help his brother trim the hedges at the front of the house. Dembe is such a good traveller now, we went through a really awful period with him from probably 10 months where he suddenly decided he didn't like the car and would kick up a fuss vocally. Still it was nowhere as noisy as the Weims got when travelling. Since Dembe has been going out with Dog Walkers he has become such a brilliant traveller. He just lies down in the back of the car and goes to sleep. Occasionally he will sit up and then he will almost immediately lie down again. He is always silent in the car and you could forget that he was there.

When we left home the weather was really overcast and looked like we might be in for a spot of drizzle. The skies then cleared when we got to Nanny's house and the sun was blazing. It was really ridiculous how quickly it heated up.

Dembe's cousin Darcey was also at Nannys house. My goodness how she has grown, she is still shorter than Dembe but still full of puppy energy. Poor Dembe was trying to get away from her as she was continually chasing him and trying to tug on his ears. He was telling her off like an adult dog would but she was refusing to listen. A few times we had to separate them to give Dembe a break as he was getting annoyed with her. They did manage to get into trouble together. It went very quiet and we went to look for them, they had managed to get in behind Nanny's bins and were covered in very smelly black water ( bin juice) both of them had to be hosed down which did very little for the smell, the little scamps.

Dembe was so exhausted on the way home that he just slept, we had to wake him up when we got home.

He loves the garden at Nanny Morris' house and it really is a lovely big garden with plenty of space for him to have a proper run around in.

Monday 30th August ( Bank holiday for us)

Dembe was exhausted after his fun and games yesterday. We had only been up for around 10 minutes when this photo was taken and he had got up with me and then went back to sleep.

He is very happy that his dad is home today and is ensuring between naps that he is getting cuddles and play times with his dad.

His favourite thing to do today has been to take his carrot outside all the time!

We had quite a lazy day as we were all knackered after going to see Nanny Morris.

Tuesday 31st August

Well Dembe is making the most of having his dad at home, he is ensuring he gets lots of cuddles with Jay and playing silly daddy and Dembe games. Jay had to pop out this morning for his routine blood tests that he has bi monthly and Dembe was unhappy that he was being left behind. He stood by the front window and made a nuisance of himself. At one point he was barking so much when I was upstairs I stopped what I was doing and by the time I could see him Dembe was on the sofa pretending he was asleep! He is such a crafty bugger at times. Like I wouldn't know it was him that was barking!😂😂😂😂😂

He wanted lots of attention today, he is normally quite demanding for cuddles but today it was a little extra. I caught this poor quality photo of him demanding my attention this afternoon whilst I was on my computer.

His daddy took him on a long walk this afternoon to burn off some energy. It was very humid out and they were both hot and bothered when they got back to the car. As soon as we got home Dembe went out on the patio to lie on the slabs to cool down.

Wednesday 1st September

How is it September already? What is going on with this year? Today is Jay's first shift back at work after a few days off. Unusually for a Wednesday he isn't on a late shift but a 9-6. We have kept the walk with Creature Kind this afternoon as when we booked Dembe's walk we thought he was on a late. Dembe will be going out with Beth this afternoon as Sophie is on holiday. He knows Beth and likes her so I am sure he will be a good boy.

There will be no Polo with Dembe today but there will be another Fox red Labrador called Reggie out on the walk with him. When I have seen photos of Reggie I have had to do a double take as he is so very similar to Dembe. The only way I can tell them apart is Reggie has a black nose where Dembe's has stayed pink this year. Also Reggie wears a harness which Dembe doesn't.

Photo Credit Beth from Creature Kind

The boys got on brilliantly and had a fab time out on their walk together. Dembe is such a sociable happy dog. He loves having the company of other dogs on his walks.

Photo Credit Beth from Creature Kind

Beth was very pleased with Dembe on the walk, she said he was a very good boy who played with all the dogs on the walk. He was shattered when he came in, he went straight into the kitchen had a huge drink then plonked himself on the sofa and went to sleep. He slept for 40 minutes and then woke up demanding his dinner!

Jay finished at 6pm and as soon as he got home he took Dembe out for a quick walk on the common. Dembe settled down and went to sleep as soon as we got home. Too much fun!

Thursday 2nd September

Jay is on a late shift today, so Dembe's very first walk of the day was around the block. Then Jay took him out again after his breakfast at around 9am. They went up to the common and Dembe had a fab time playing with lots of other dogs.  Just before Jay left he took Dembe around the block again to ensure he would be ok for the afternoon until he came home on his break at 5pm.

Dembe slept most of the afternoon , when he got up and came into the kitchen I noticed he was limping and seemed very stiff. I was really upset as we thought we had finally cracked it with his leg. It looks like we will have to get him to the vets and have an x-ray to find out what is going on with his leg. As I had pain relief here from last month I put that in his dinner ( which I fed him early so that he could have the meds immediately) . It usually takes a few hours before you can notice any difference in him but within an hour he was walking a lot better. I have a week's worth of medication so I will give that to him to get his leg to settle down again. He is moving a lot better.

Jay came home at 5pm and walked Dembe around the block, Jay said he was moving well and no issues. So that's good. Dembe was very cuddly this evening and we had lots of cuddles on my bed when we went up to bed. As I was cuddling him I noticed that he was slowly crawly towards the clothes airer I had up drying off some washing. He had seen one of his dad's socks and very carefully he removed it from the airer and then played with it before coming back to me for another cuddle.

When Jay got back at 10pm he walked Dembe around the block again to ensure he would be comfortable for the night.

Friday 3rd September

Dembe is doing so much better today, moving around easily and no longer stiff. He is very tired as his daddy is on an early shift today and Dembe is not an early morning boy! When I got up he just glared at me and went back to sleep. He followed me downstairs around 30 minutes later but it was another 40 minutes before he demanded his breakfast.

As he point blank refuses to eat alone we let him eat his dinner in whatever room we are in. This morning he scoffed his breakfast in the lounge. After breakfast he jumped up onto my lap. This is our usual morning routine, he always has a 10-15 minute cuddle on my lap after his breakfast. He then usually gets off and goes onto the small sofa to have his post breakfast snooze. If Jay is home he stands in front of him crying until he gets Jay to walk him around the block! He has us wrapped around his paws.

He was very pleased to see his daddy at lunchtime, Jay took him around the block and Dembe checked on his manor 😂😂😂😂 Jay and I had an experiment to see what would happen with Dembe should we sit next to each other on the sofa and have a cuddle. We were on the small sofa so there wasn't much room. Dembe launched himself up onto the sofa, managing to some how squeezed between us and then gave us both equal amounts of licks on our face! Silly sausage.

Carrot is still a firm favourite here as you can see from the photo. He loves having cuddles and bringing his toys with him! 

Dembe's natural treat box arrived this afternoon. Dembe always gets so excited when it comes and demands a treat as soon as I have closed the front door. I gave him Beef Trachea which is one of his favourites. This month there is a huge black cows ear which I know he will love. Later on I gave him a rabbits ear. He demolished that within minutes! His dad made the mistake of leaving the full treat box on top of the storage box that holds Dembe's food. So Dembe kept going out to the kitchen and sitting in front of it, occasionally barking to let us know where it was. I had to empty Dembe's treats into the Emma Bridgewater tin we keep them in and get rid of the box or he will sit out in the kitchen for the rest of time.

Jay took him out for a long walk after work at the Model Airfield on the Common.

Saturday 4th September

Daddy is on another early shift today, so Dembe had to get up early for his walk on the common before his dad got home. As soon as they got back Dembe came up to bed with me bringing his very first toy Baby blanket with him. I woke up at 7am which is unusual for me, Dembe stayed in bed until 7.40am not impressed by the early start at all. Again he didn't want his breakfast until around 8.10am, he scoffed the lot.

After I had got my usual morning jobs done I let Dembe have one of his natural chews from his subscription box.

That one he will keep on the go for hours, I am sure at some point it will be brought for me to hold whilst he lies across my lap chewing it. Now however he is very keen for his dad to get home and walk him around the block.

He is barking at everything again today and unfortunately it is quite noisy out in the street as people are getting all the DIY jobs done whilst the weather is nice after a bit of a grotty week. Today he did the same as he did earlier on in the week. I was upstairs and he started barking, I told him to stop a few times but he was ignoring me. I stopped what I was doing and he must have heard me as when I peered downstairs he was sat like a little angel on the mall sofa trying to con me into believing that he hadn't been a barky bob. He is bloody hilarious.

That's all for this week. See you next week.

Sunday, 29 August 2021

Week Commencing 23rd August 2021

 Monday 23rd August 

Firstly thank you for joining us over here on Blogger!

Martin and Luke from Happy Dogs arrived jut after 8.30am to take his lordship out for a walk. I was still watching The Handmaids Tale from the night before, so it wa only because of the way Dembe was barking that I realised the Happy Dogs Van was parked up outside. 

We had got up early well at least I had, I surfaced at 7am but Dembe didn't wander downstairs until 7.30 despite the fact he had woken me up crying for his breakfast. I got him his breakfast and he turned his nose up. No amount of coaxing could get him to entertain eating it. So it got wrapped in cling film and put back into the fridge. When he turns his nose up he then doesn't get anything until his next meal time. He is such a fussy dog and he will turn his nose up just because he wants to see what we will add to it. Spoilt bastard.

He was a very good boy on his walk for Martin and Luke, he is coming back when called and not disappearing ahead like he was doing earlier on in the year. 

His new water bowl arrived from Pet Planet today, we have a stand that raises the height of his water bowl. The stand and the bowl were bought back in 2006/7 for our Weimaraners. Dembe has always enjoyed having a raised water bowl. Sadly the bowl was starting to develop small rust spots so for safety we needed to change it. It took me two days of searching online to find a bowl that wold be big enough to sit on the stand. I really didn't want to have to find a new stand as well as a bowl. 

Sadly the water bowl arrived with a huge dent in the side of it due to inadequate packaging. Pet planet were amazing! They answered my email within ten minutes of me sending it and sent out a new bowl for Dembe, ensuring this one would be wrapped properly. We will use the dented one for when he is visiting Nanny Morris' house as his cousins Darcy and Dusty will also be there and they will all use the one water bowl then. The mat under the water bowl we bought from Amazon a while ago now.

I finally managed to get Dembe to eat at 3pm. I added sardines to his food and he still turned his nose up. From experience I know when he does this if you change the bowl his meal is in he will then eat it. So I swapped out the bowl for an Emma Bridgewater pasta bowl and the little sod ate the lot.

He kept making me laugh this afternoon by sitting at the other side of the coffee table like he was waiting to have a chat! 

On Dembe's walk up the common this evening we discovered that he has learned how to pick black berries from the copious amounts of bramble bushes on the common. Our second dog Mollie knew how to do this and taught all our other dogs to do this, first Travis and then Willow and Frankie. With Dembe being an only child we don't know where he has worked this out from whether it is an innate ability or he has been shown by another dog on one of his walks. For a dog who doesn't like any fruit to find that he is helping himself to black berries is hilarious.

Tuesday 24th August

Jay was day off today so Dembe made the most of it and caught up with all the cuddles that he missed on Monday. I got up at 7am and left Jay sleeping, Dembe scoffed his breakfast and then went upstairs and started dropping his carrot toy on Jay's head to wake him up. I woke up with a migraine and the longer I was up the worse my head felt so I ended up going back to bed at 8.30am until around 11am. Dembe came up with me sleeping with his head facing towards the door so he could guard me.

When it was time to take Dembe out for his afternoon walk, I was well enough to come along for a change of scenery, sitting in the car whilst Jay and Dembe went for their walk. Jay decided he would take Dembe to the pond for a swim.

Dembe had a fantastic time splashing around in the pond chasing stones and collecting the sticks that Jay threw for him. He was drenched when he got back to the car. As we approached home we witnesses a road traffic collision ( RTC ) . A large white van hit a van that was parked outside of someones home and damaged it. The van made no attempt to stop and carried on. As we have a dashcam, we pulled over and spoke to the people who owned the van, they had been in the garden and were completely unaware that their van had been hit. They were ever so thankful that we had stopped and were going to provide them with stills and the footage of the incident itself. 

Dembe liked the man whose van had been hit, he came over to the car and put his hand up for Dembe to sniff. Dembe barks at most people who approach him when he doesn't know them. This time he stunned both Jay and I by licking the blokes hand! 

Wednesday 25th August

Today Dembe has a walk with Sophie from Creature Kind booked. He loves meeting up with his best mate Polo for a walk. Polo is also a Labrador and around the same age as Dembe. Sophie arrived at around 12.30pm and Dembe was more than happy she had come to get him. I no longer need to put his lead on as Sophie opens up the side of the van and Dembe charges in. He always put's his nose up to the crate that holds Polo so they can greet each other.

All the photos above reproduced with kind permission from Sophie Start Creature Kind

Dembe was thirsty and hot when he arrived home. He headed straight for his water bowl and had a huge drink. Then he found his favourite spot on the floor and alternated between there and the patio slabs.

After he had cooled down he decided that he had to have some mummy cuddles and climbed onto my lap for a fuss.

He had an early dinner as he is always starving on Wednesday evening due to his walk and afterwards rather than have a mad 30 minutes he flaked right out again.

Jay popped home at 5pm to take him around the block so that he would be ok until he got back at 10pm. Dembe settled down very quickly this evening and stayed up with me on the bed. Jay ran him around the block again when he got home.

Thursday 26th August

Happy International day of the Dog! 

As Jay is on a 9-6 shift today Dembe has no dog walks booked today. Usually on a Thursday Dembe sleeps loads as he is worn out still from his fun and frolics from the day before. He decided that he was going to be a sod again with his breakfast, turning his nose up until I relented and added some cottage cheese to it. He has me wrapped around his paw!

I was having a quick tidy up this morning and Dembe decided to climb up the stairs and keep an eye on me from a better vantage point.

Dembe was very happy to see his dad when he got home at 13.20pm, for the first time ever he brought his dad Cleo the Caterpillar.

We took Dembe up to the model airfield on Woodbury common in the evening. Dembe had a lovely run around and stretched his legs. He settled down really quickly after that and went to sleep.

Friday 27th August

Dembe is still being a fuss ass with his food. He keeps turning his nose up at one pot wonder, even if it has other stuff added to it. Grr so once again he doesn't have breakfast.

As Jay is on a late night tonight Dembe's first walk is around the block at 5am. His second walk is on Woodbury Common. He played with lots of dogs and had a fab time. He was playing with a Black Labrador called Tilly, he managed to get a foamy mouth and share it with Tilly all down her back!

He was really knackered when he got back and was more than happy to lie on my bed and drift off as I sorted myself out for the day.

He is still being a pain in the arse with food, as he hadn't had any breakfast he was starving this eveing and needed no encouragement at all to have his dinner.

He was so hungry an hour after he had his dinner I gave him a smaller portion of his favourite, Meatloaf which he ate straight out of the tub. He is such an idiot as he knows the drill and knows that he will be made to eat what he turned his nose up earlier on in the day.

He was knackered this evening and went straight to sleep when I came upstairs.

Saturday 28th August

As we are going to Nanny Morris' tomorrow I am writing up his blog post today. I will include any photos I take in next weeks diary entry.

Jay was on an early shift today so Dembe's first walk was around the block as daddy was so tired he didn't trust himself to drive. Dembe came back up to bed with me and we didn't get up until gone 8.30am. Dembe decided to only eat half his breakfast this morning so when he had left it alone for 20 minutes it was picked up and put in the fridge.

He has been a bit of a sod this morning and instead of barking out the front window he has been howling. So he had to be told off a few times - mainly just tell him to get down, which to be fair to him he does do.

At one point after being told again to "get down" he stropped off out into the garden.

He has forgiven me though and we have had lots of cuddles on the sofa.

Even though he is a big boy now he still loves to lie across my lap as he did when he was a tiny pupster! I love our cuddles and we have them several times a day. He is the most affectionate boy even if he does very occasionally drive me to distraction! 

W/C 6th September 2021

Sunday 5th September I don't always start on a Sunday but then the last few Sundays I have taken some cracking photo's of Dembe so I...