Monday, 30 November 2020

W/C Monday 23rd November 2021

 Monday 23rd November

Shock horror Jay is on an early, Dembe came straight back to bed when he got back from his very early morning walk. His legs were wet and his nose very cold but I love an early morning snuggle with with my boy.

Dembe as usual didn’t want to get up when I did so he stayed in bed for a further 45 minutes.

Dembe is obsessed with standing out in the garden at the moment. He keeps sniffing around the bench box I think there are mice in there but nothing seen as yet!

He has been crazy with energy this morning. I have been trying to get some Christmas presents made but he is demanding my attention constantly bless him. He does make me laugh. From 12.30pm he stands at the window in the lounge waiting for his dad to come home at lunch time.

When his dad arrives home at lunch time Dembe always brings him a toy. As he was ready with a carrot I thought he would give his dad this when he got in. However he was so excited when his dad arrived he ran around in a circle and then gave him his sprout much to our amusement.

At around 6pm Dembe was sick, no warning which is common with him. Where as the Weimaraners we would get a minute or so of warning drooling or retching before they would be sick. Dembe just hurls mid stride and carries on. We will keep an eye on him and see how he is overnight.

Tuesday 24th November

It was a bad night, Dembe was sick several times more. I got up a little after midnight and found him downstairs surrounded by several pools of sick. He had managed to do it all over the rug at the front door, which has now had to be binned as I couldn’t get the sick stains out. Im glad it was there and not anywhere where we couldn’t just chuck it away!

I gave him some tummy meds, most of which I think were shaken through the lounge as he shook his head as soon as I gave it to him. There were pink dollops everywhere that were still being cleaned up a few days later. Whatever he managed to keep down seemed to do the trick as he wasn’t sick again.

Dembe slept a lot today but did eat and drink ok. He wasn’t sick again after his bout during the night. so we just had a quiet day altogether as Jay was day off.

Wednesday 25th November

Jay is on a late night today so Dembe has had his usual two walks before daddy went to work. He has still been quite sleepy today and not his usual bouncy self so I have been keeping an eye on him, whilst I continued with some jobs I needed to get done.

I was so busy that when Martin arrived to pick Dembe up that I didn’t hear him knock on the door. The first I knew was when I heard him shout “hello, hello”. As I walked into the lounge he was clipping Dembe onto a lead. That was a bit embarrassing.

He had a fab walk on the common, he played hide and seek with Martin. He was also much better behaved when he was getting cleaned off by Martin at the end of the walk

Dembe has been crying a lot the last few days, we have no idea why he is doing it other than for attention which he gets bloody loads of anyway! He made such a fuss between 4pm and 5pm that in the end I called Jay and got him to come home and walk him around the block , in case he was crying because he needed a poo. He didn’t but lots of wee’s. He kept up with the crying until he went to sleep just before 7pm.

Thursday 26th November

OMG we ran out of cocktail sausages first thing this morning. Dembe was not a happy bunny!Jay didn’t see the message I sent him last night. I did give him a cheese triangle and that seemed to pacify him.

This morning Dembe decided to join me in the shower! what fun. He got soaked but seemed to enjoy it more than his shower last week!

When Jay came home for lunch he brought home some cocktail sausages. Dembe was beside himself with excitement and couldn’t eat the sausage fast enough. He had a few sausages one after another to make up for lost time!

Jay was on a 9-6 shift today which Dembe hates,

To keep him amused I ended up playing nudge with him for hours. He loves this game but he cheats, if the ball doesn’t go right back to him, even if it is just 1cm away from his nose he will refuse to nudge the ball back to you. So you have to tap it again right back to him. He also picks the ball up and throws it back at you rather than nudging it back.

Friday 27th November

I was so poorly today that Dembe and I crawled back up to bed at 9am and stayed there until gone 12pm. I am having a lot of problems with my neck and Dembe has been very in tune with the fact I haven’t been right and modifies his behaviour accordingly. He was such a good boy, I rarely go back to bed like that unless I am rank. He just followed me up the stairs settled down beside me and slept next to me.

He spent much of Friday on my lap having a cuddle.

Saturday 28th November

Jay was on an early so Dembe once again came straight back to bed as soon as he got back from that walk. At about 7.30am I heard him get off my bed and go into Jay’s room. I then could hear him scraping up the pillows and knocking them off the bed onto the floor. That made me chuckle. When I woke up again an hour later he came down with me. He was obviously very hungry so I gave him his breakfast which he polished off without stopping.

He spent another afternoon on my lap having cuddles. Jay finished at 4pm so he didn’t have long to wait for his evening walk after having a stroll around the block at lunch time. It was still light when they went out this evening but by the time they got back to the car it was rapidly getting darker.

Sunday 29th November

As usual we are having a quiet family day together. Dembe rarely barks when Jay is home during the day so it is clear he see’s his job is to guard me when Jay is out of the house.

So far today he has barely left the sofa and is currently snoring his head off.

Monday, 23 November 2020

W/C 16th November 2020


Monday 16th November

Happy Birthday Dembe! 2 years old today. How on earth are you two? It only seems like yesterday we were bringing you home in the car.

Daddy was on an early as usual, so we had to wait to give Dembe his presents until Jay popped home for his lunch. Dembe was getting very fed up with me singing Happy Birthday to him.

When Daddy came home Dembe got to open his presents. We had bought him a new lead, a new glow in the dark collar, a Kong squeaky ring ( we call it the doughnut) and a Kong American Football.

Sam’s mum Sarah dropped by in the afternoon with a present and card for Dembe. They got him a new bunny toy and 2 tins of sardines which is Dembe’s favourite.

Dembe had lots of birthday cuddles with me, he has been on my lap a lot this week.

Jay made Dembe’s birthday tea which was corned beef, cheese triangles, sardines and kibble.

Tuesday 17th November

Jay was day off today, so Dembe spent much of the day sprawled over him.

Jay shot a quick video of Dembe wearing his glow in the dark collar on his walk this morning

Dembe spent the whole day switching between the sofas having cuddles with both of us.

Wednesday 18th November

Jay was on a late night today so Dembe had two good walks before he went into work today. We were watching ITV’s This Morning when they played a video that was for dogs and invited viewers to record what their dogs did whilst the video was on. To be honest Dembe has more of a reaction when nature programmes are on.

Whilst I did a bit of sewing this afternoon in the kitchen, Dembe slept in the doorway of the kitchen / lounge so he could keep an eye on me.

Martin from Happy Dogs came and picked Dembe up just after 2pm. When Dembe arrived home just before 4pm he looked like a chocolate lab. Martin had already given him a quick hose down with the mud daddy he keeps in his van but Dembe was still pickled. I tried to hose him off outside but it just wasn’t coming off. So he had to go into the shower and have a proper shampoo off. Dembe was not a happy bunny that he had to go in the shower

As he was soaking wet he had to spend a couple of hours in his drying coat.

He was full of beans this evening and was getting so many different toys out. He was into getting his chews out. He was having a good go on his antler.

Thursday 19th November

Dembe woke me up at 3am by licking my face, I was a little annoyed and confused to begin with until I realised that I was starting with a migraine and he had woken me up so I could take my meds. When you have a migraine you have a big drop in blood sugar. Clearly Dembe could smell the change in my body odour and woke me up. Once I had taken my medications and went back to sleep, Dembe settled on the left side of my face and slept like that until I got up a few hours later.

Dembe stuck to me like glue for the rest of the day.

He has been obsessed with being on my lap when I am sat on the sofa or if I am having a lie down on the sofa he lies on me.

Friday 20th November

I haven’t been very well the last few days, Dembe has been my little ray of sunshine. I am so grateful that I have him.

I spent a lot of the afternoon lying on the sofa, Dembe came on the sofa and lied on me.

Saturday 21st November

Was pretty much the same as Friday, a lot of time spent lying on the sofa

Sunday 22nd November

We are having a snuggly day today.

Monday, 16 November 2020

W/C 9th November 2020

 Monday 9th November

I came downstairs this morning to find Dembe fast asleep, stretched out on the large sofa without a care in the world. He didn’t wake up until I gave him a kiss and a cuddle bless him. Jay was on an early shift and he really isn’t an early morning dog. He stayed downstairs when Jay left and made himself comfortable.

We had a very slow start to the day, which was punctuated with lots of cuddles.

I did a little bit at the embroidery machine today, whilst I was there Dembe decided to go out into the garden and sit in the rain.

He was also the crochet inspector today for me

Tuesday 10th November

As is usual Jay was day off today so Dembe spent the majority of the day draped over his dad, having cuddles. He always makes such a fuss of his dad if he is home, it is like he makes up for all the other days he is working by getting as much attention as possible on Sundays and Tuesdays.

He loves playing with his duck, which my friend Carolyn bought him.

He had a nice long walk on the common in the afternoon . He just needed his legs washed off as with the wet weather he had got a bit muddy.

He is still eating really well since we have decided to be led by him as to when he wants to eat rather than sticking to set times. Some days he doesn’t want his breakfast until 10.30-11am, other days he wants it the minute you come downstairs. He has two ways of letting you know he is hungry, if you are in the kitchen he will sit in front of the fridge and not move or if you aren’t anywhere near the kitchen he will cry and let you know. Meal times are much less stressful now we are led by him.

Wednesday 11th November

Jay is on a late shift today so Dembe has had two walks this morning before Jay goes in.

Dembe is being a very cuddly boy at the moment. He was picked up by the dog walker ( Martin ) this afternoon and had a lovely long walk on the common. Martin was teaching Dembe to play hide and seek. If You have Facebook you can see a video here

and the rest of his walk

Dembe was covered in mud when he got back, I joked with Martin that I had given him a yellow Lab and he had brought back a chocolate one! Dembe had a quick wash off with the hose and then I got him into his drying coat. He is so very good and doesn’t need to be held whilst he is washed off he will stand perfectly still for me. He is very intuitive and does all he can to make life easier for me.

Dembe was shattered after his walk with Martin. You can always tell when he has been learning something new as he is drained physically and mentally. He was shattered and spent most of the evening fast asleep. In fact he was so tired he didn’t even hear his dad come home, which is unheard of.

Thursday 12th November

Dembe did not want to get up this morning, he didn’t wake up until 6am which is unheard of especially when Jay was on a late night the day before. After his walk on the common with jay he came straight back up to bed with me. He was desperate to get as close to me as he could and was lying with his face resting on mine which is what he used to do when he was a tiny puppy.

He was very hungry this morning which threw me as usually when he has eaten a lot the day before he isn’t really interested in food until the evening. He polished off a huge breakfast this morning.

He was an incredibly cuddly boy again today. He is such a soppy dog anyway but I couldn’t move today without being smothered in kisses.

Hi new Christmas sign arrived today

It is official Jay and I have lost the plot LOL.

Friday 13th November

I have got all sentimental as Facebook keep showing me images from this time last year and as it is his birthday next Monday it is all photos of him when he was tiny. I can’t believe he will be two on Monday! How has that happened?

Same toy just two years apart. He still has his baby blanket which he came home with back in 2019! I can’t believe how tiny he is in the first photo, that his baby blanket is almost the same length as him.

Today I have bought all Dembe’s birthday presents, he has got a new lead, a new glow in the dark collar, two new toys for taking out on his walks. Not that he is at all spoilt!

He came into the shower with me this morning

He is following me wherever I go today!

Saturday 14th November

Dembe woke his dad up at around 5am for his walk and then came straight back to bed not waking us up until 9am which was crazy! He wanted his breakfast, if he hadn’t have been hungry I think we would have slept for a lot longer.

Jay stripped my bed today and whilst I was downstairs on my sewing machine Dembe decided to make himself comfortable!

As Jay is on a late night we have our friend Max walking him for us. The weather is diabolical, windy and torrential rain so I feel very guilty that she is having to go out in it with Dembe.

Dembe was soaked through when he got home. I didn’t send him out in a coat as the temperature is so mild. I didn’t need to wash him off so gave him a quick towel off and then straight into his drying coat which makes things much easier.

Some of Dembe’s presents arrived today, I have hidden the toys but I have let him have the glow in the dark collar as it is something that is needed now.

At least now when Jay is out walking him in the dark he will be able to see where he is.

Dembe has wanted to have lots of cuddles since he has come back from his walk, so I have been letting him lie on my lap

He is nice and settled after his long walk with Maxine so I am looking forward to a quiet evening with him.

Tomorrow Jay and I have to go for our flu jabs at the drive through clinic and I have some sewing that needs done so I wont have time to write up a Sunday post.

See you all next week.

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