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W/C Monday 18th October 2021

Monday 18th October

As usual Dembe's daddy is on an early shift, Dembe is absolutely knackered as he hates an early start! 
I haven't been very well so Dembe has been following me around everywhere. He is giving me lots of cuddles and affection as he always does when I am feeling rotten.

This afternoon Dembe wanted to play nudge with his favourite ball, his glow in the dark one that was a present from Bev and Harry.

 I love this face I managed to capture.

He was very happy when his dad got back and his pack was all back together.

As you can see from his smiley face!

Tuesday 19th October 

Jay took Dembe around the block first thing this morning, he bumped into a lady he works with walking her dogs. Then at around 8.30am Jay took Dembe down to the beach as a treat.

Dembe really loves the beach in all weathers. He was running around amusing himself, carrying his ball.

When Dembe came home we gave him a quick hose off in the back garden as he was covered in sand! Dembe was so knackered after his trip to the beach he slept for the rest of the morning.

Dembe's new supplements arrived today so I was able to start him on those when he had his dinner this evening, 

As usual on Jay's day off it was the daddy and Dembe love in!

Wednesday 20th October

Dembe woke me up barking at 7.40am, Jay had left him asleep on the sofa when he went to work. Now he was barking out of the window in his dads bedroom. Shock horror Dembe's daddy is on an early shift today which will throw me and D out all week!

We are having another sofa day today, thankfully I am starting to feel better now. Dembe was very excited to see his dad when he got home from work. Thankfully on both his walks lunch time and after work they managed to avoid the rain! 

At 17.30 Dembe wanted his usual after dinner stroll. The rain was so unbelievably heavy, Jay got changed into his walking gear, put Dembe on the lead and opened the front door. Dembe took one look at the rain and hurtled back into the house. That is the first time he has ever done that as usually he will go out what ever the weather!

Dembe is cracking us up at the moment. Jay has been having Chicken drumsticks a few time which he heats up in the microwave. Dembe loves chicken drumsticks, he obviously doesn't get given the bone, just the flesh. Dembe now stands in the kitchen looking at the microwave and barks at it until the drumsticks are done!

Thursday 21st October

Well this is a shitty week of Jays hours as he is now on two late shifts back to back.  Dembe had a quick walk around the block at 06.30 and then at 8.30 he had a walk up on the common. He met lots of dogs on the common and covered them all in his slobber. He was particularly happy to meet Max a black Labrador who quickly got covered in Dembe's excited slobber.

For the first time in a week I was able to do some sewing. Dembe decided he was going to sit out in his favourite chairs in the garden. That would have been fine had the temperature not dropped significantly over the last few days. It is now feeling much more Autumnal, it took some food bribery to get him to come inside!

Jay popped back at 5pm and walked him around the block. Dembe was a really good boy and settled down early. He stayed upstairs with me until Jay got home just after 10pm. He didn't bark but you could hear his tail thumping against the wall on the stairs. Jay took him for a walk around the block and he surprised him by doing a poo! Normally on his last walk of the night he just has a few wee's. 

Friday 22nd October

Dembe has always had this thing where he may not play with a toy for months and then all of a sudden he digs through his toy box and finds a toy that he then becomes obsessed with. Today he found his Sprout, he hasn't played with his sprout for around 6 months at the very least. Obviously carrot is still a favourite along with find it bunny, blue dinosaur and Aubergine. In the photo above he is waiting for me to throw him his sprout back. He will hit it with his nose back to me and we play this strange game of catch for a while!

Dembe slept most of the afternoon whilst I had a play on my embroidery machine. He woke up shortly before his dad popped back to take him out for a walk around the block. Dems and I sat on the sofa and had a nice cuddle for a bit. Dembe went to sleep really early, for a change I was late going up to bed (19.30). Before I went up to bed Dembe was sprawled across the little sofa snoring his head off.

It made me giggle that he was sleeping with his front legs crossed so daintily. He woke up as I was taking photos of him.

That is the glare from a dog that really didn't want to have a camera shoved in his face!

Saturday 23rd October

Well all change again as Dembe's daddy is on an early today. Dembe had a very early walk and then came straight back up to bed with me. I woke up at 8.30am to the sound of Dembe snoring away!

Dembe is a very cuddly boy today!  Whenever I have a long stitch out on my embroidery machine I go into the lounge and have a smooch with my boy. He loves lying on my lap whilst I hold one of his chews.

Tomorrow we are going to do a recky to find out where Dembe's hydrotherapy is ahead of his appointment on Tuesday.

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