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W/C 7th December 2020


The 100th Post!

Monday 7th December

Dembe was really tired this morning, he really doesn’t enjoy Jay’s early morning shifts.

He spent the majority of the morning snoring his head off. He was extra tired today as he had spent an hour on the common running around on Woodbury Common with Liam who is 7. They had a wonderful time

Tuesday 8th December

Jay was day off today so Dembe decided that he simply had to get up at 4.30am for a walk! Like a good daddy, Jay obliged and then we all went back to bed and I got woken up by Dembe being sick in the lounge at 7.30am. So that was a really cracking start to the day! Thankfully Dembe is fine in himself and was only sick the once.

After Jays early morning wake up call he was really tired so he went up for a nap. After about 45 minutes Dembe decided to go upstairs and wake him up by bringing his carrot toy to him.

Tonight we are back at dog training for the first time in around 5 weeks now that the lock down has been eased again. We were laughing at Dembe at 17.30 as he was fast asleep on the sofa totally unaware that his early night wasn’t going to happen.

Dembe did really well at dog training, tonight we went over the basics as we had new dogs in the class for the first time this year. Dembe was a super star and showing them all how it is done. Jay and Dembe worked really well together.

Wednesday 9th December

Jay is on a late shift today, Dembe woke us up again at 4.30am despite having a late night last night. He then took 30 minutes to come downstairs whilst Jay waited to take him out for a walk bloody diva! Dembe woke me up at 7.30am which I was very grateful for as that prevented a migraine starting due to my neck being out of alignment. Once he woke me up he then went into Jays room and slept with his dad until gone 9am.

Today Dembe is going out with a new Dog walker called Sophie, she runs a company called Creature Kind. Jay and I both get terribly anxious when Dembe is out with someone new as we are very over protective of our boy. We had absolutely nothing to worry about as Dembe had a wonderful time with Sophie. He was a little nervous leaving me and going with someone new but as the photos show he got over that fear very quickly!

Photo credit Sophie Start Creature Kind
photo credit Sophie Start Creature Kind
Photo credit Sophie Start Creature Kind
Photo Credit Sophie Start Creature Kind
Photo Credit Sophie Start Creature Kind
Photo Credit Sophie Start Creature Kind

The photo’s all belong to Sophie Start from Creature Kind – aren’t they cracking? As you can see Dembe was living his best life, making new friends and having a swim. He had a brilliant time and was a good boy for Sophie, although next time I will put him on the figure of 8 lead for her as he pulls like a train on a normal lead, naughty boy!

I knew he had a good time when he grabbed his carrot and ran to the window to show Sophie as she drove off.

Dembe was shattered after his walk on Woodbury Common with Sophie. He was only awake for about 30 minutes for the rest of the evening, which was to eat his dinner.

It was a very quiet evening with Dembe barely stirring when his dad arrived home just after 10pm.

Thursday 10th December

Jay is on a 9-6 shift today, this week for the first time we have booked Dembe in for a walk in the late morning / afternoon, just because on this shift Jay finds it hard to ensure that Dembe has had all the exercise he needs and with work being so busy due to him being in retail .

Dembe and I are on a go slow this morning, neither of us want to get going.

It is so funny watching Dembe when Martin arrives. He always seems top know when he is coming now and is at the window waiting for him. He stands at the window and barks when he see’s Martin’s van ( Happy Dogs ) . He then goes quiet as Martin takes the van up to the end of the road and turns around, all the while his tail is wagging. As Martin pulls up he then starts barking with his tail going at full speed. Wen Martin arrived the very first time to take Dembe out he ran up the stairs and I had to coax him down. In a few weeks it got the point where Dembe would stand on the sofa and wait for me to put the lead on before jumping down and racing to the van. Now in the last two weeks Dembe has now decided he will wait on the floor at the front door whilst Martin puts the lead on him. Going out with Martin has increased his confidence and he is a much better traveller now in the car.

Dembe had a great time on the walk, came home covered in mud as the common is water logged and we have had heavy rain over night . Thankfully Dembe is very good and will stand still whilst he is hosed off and then dried.

He had a nice long nap this afternoon after his walk.

Dembe has started burying his half eaten cows ears in his bed in the lounge. Every evening he then digs them back out again. The weird thing is we never seem to catch him burying them in the first place!

Friday 11th December

Neither Dembe or I wanted to get up this morning but we had to as Uncle Paul was popping over this morning for a socially distanced catch up. Dembe loves his uncle Paul and always goes crazy when we see him.

He did go crazy when Paul arrived but settled down very quickly thanks to a new shipment of cows ears that have some of the tendons attached at the base of them. When I got one out for Dembe his eyes were on stalks he couldn’t believe it was his!

I have ordered the rest of Dembe’s Christmas presents this afternoon. What a spoiled dog he is.

Jay is working a 7-4 today, so he popped in for lunch and before we knew it was home again.

I don’t know if it is the new cows ears but Dembe had some horrific smelling wind this evening!

Saturday 12th December

I had a terrible night of insomnia, at 2am I gave up and went downstairs. Dembe followed me as he always likes to be with me if I move around at night. I went back up to bed at 3.30am finally managing to get some sleep at 4.30am until 8am. When I got up Dembe was downstairs asleep as Jay was on another early shift.

Dembe was starving hungry so I gave him his breakfast immediately. He always makes it very clear when he wants fed as he sits in front of the fridge and refuses to move! He has eaten loads this week but then he has had a lot more exercise and the weather has turned colder.

He was the life and soul of the party this afternoon, sleeping on the lounge floor.

He was a very happy boy when his daddy came through the door just after 4pm.

Sunday 13th December

Dembe is having a sleepy day today, content that we are all at home with him. The weather is absolutely awful, blowing a gale and raining. That never puts Dembe off though he loves to go out for a walk whatever the weather.

Jay and I have sorted out Dembe’s meals for the next month or so, batch cooking three different dishes – Scoobys Stew, One pot wonder and Meatloaf. We haven’t made meatloaf in ages so Dembe should enjoy that!

W/C 14th December 2020


Monday 14th December

I woke up at around 7.45 only to find Dembe wasn’t with me. I went into his dad’s room and he wasn’t there either. As I came down the stairs I could see him fast asleep on the little sofa.

He was starving hungry as soon as he woke up so I got him his breakfast. As we had done a job lot of cooking on Sunday to ensure all his meals were made for the following month. Jay was on an early today as usual!

We had a quiet morning together, I was doing some crochet on the sofa whilst he amused himself or slept.

As usual as soon as it got to around 12.45 he started his watch at the lounge window waiting for his dad to get home for lunch!

His daddy got home at around 13.15, whilst he was here Dembe’s Christmas Antlers arrived. He looks so cute! But I don’t think he was that impressed!

As you can see from his face, he isn’t entirely happy about the antlers!

This evening my hairdresser came around to sort out my hair and Jays hair for Christmas. Dembe was a really good boy and stayed out of the way whilst this was being done. He spent most of the evening asleep on the sofa curled up next to Jay. When he did come into the kitchen it was a quick hello and straight back into the lounge.

Tuesday 15th December

Today marks 3 years since our Weimaraner Willow passed away. Sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday that she was here running around and being naughty and other times it feels like several life times ago. She will never be forgotten she was such a unique character.

Willow Morris

Jay is day off today as is usual. Dembe is all over him making sure he gets every bit of attention he feels is due!

We had a surprise at around midday as Dembe’s uncle Paul arrived as he needed some help printing some stuff off his phone. Dembe was so excited to see him he didnt know what to do with himself. Luckily we had a jumbone in the cupboard and we gave him that.

Dembe is very protective of me today and is continually checking if I am ok. Jay has decided and I agree with him that I am not well enough to go to dog training this evening, so he will take Dembe by himself.

They had a really good session at dog training. Suzanne from happy dogs sent me two videos of them working which was really lovely to see.

Wednesday 16th December

Dembe is a very spoiled boy this week as he will be having three hour long walks with dog walkers from Happy Dogs and Creature Kind this week. I wanted to ensure that Jay didnt feel under pressure to give him really long walks when work will be so busy for him on the run up to Christmas.

Jay is on an early today as later I have a MRI at the main hospital.

Dembe is shattered as it has been a busy week for him already with dog training last night and having a visit from his Uncle Paul and seeing Rachel the hairdresser on Monday.

It was so funny watching Dembe at the window see Martin from Happy dogs van go past the house and turn around. Dembe’s tail was going crazy and he was barking. He kept looking back at me as if to ask “is he coming for me? is he?”. He dived off the sofa when I answered the door and let Martin put his lead on. Normally I have to clip his lead on but he has got so confident over this year that he is now very happy to go with Martin / Sophie or Max his dog walkers.

If you follow the link you can see Dembe out on his walk with his friends on Wednesday and Friday this week. He had a fab time on his walk.

He brought me his carrot when he got back from his walk with Martin.

Dembe is such a funny dog. The new Labrador Christmas tree topper arrived today. I tried really hard to get a photo of Dembe and the tree topper together but Dembe was terrified of it. Every time I put it on the floor beside him he ran away barking as you can see from the photo. Such a brave lad. He is much happier it is now up on the tree and away from him.

When Jay got back at 4pm we took Dembe up to Woodbury Common for a quick walk around. He was so muddy when he got back to the car we had to hose him down in the garden and dry him off. It was then a quick change for Jay and I before heading out to the hospital for my MRI.

Whilst I was having my MRI Jay walked Dembe around the hospital estate where he had another poo. Jay couldn’t quite believe it as he had gone first thing this morning, again with Martin, again x 2 after work and now he was squeezing another one out. He reminds us of Mollie 2 poos. It never mattered how many times she had been out she would always manage to have a poo!

Thursday 17th December

Dembe or should I say the Blonde Bastard woke me up at 2.30am crying. I have no idea what it was about. I heard Jay get up to go for the bathroom so I called him and he took Dembe into his room where he went to sleep in his arms until gone 5.30am. Grrrr!

Jay is on a late shift today so Dembe has been out twice before he leaves for work.

This afternoon he is on his second walk with Sophie. He was waiting for her at the window when she arrived and was barking like mad. I don’t think he could quite believe his luck having another walk with a dog walker. I put him on the figure of 8 lead to make him walk better for Sophie as he does have a tendency to pull.

Photo Credit Sophie Start Creature Kind
Photo credit Sophie Start Creature Kind
Photo Credit Creature Kind, Sophie Start
Photo Credit Sophie Start Creature Kind

He had a brilliant time on his walk and it is clear he is very fond of both Sophie – Creature Kind and Martin from Happy Dogs. It is so nice to know that he is being looked after and having a ball whilst having a break from looking after me!

When Dembe got back he brought a carrot and a blue dinosaur to the front door for Sophie and I to look at but not touch! Typical Labrador parading his toys.

He was pooped after his walk and settled down very quickly for a snooze.

He was so funny this evening taking an absolute age messing around with his bed.

Friday 18th December

Jay was on another early shift this morning, when I got up Dembe wasn’t with me. So I crept into Jay’s room to see if he was there. He was fast asleep under Jay’s pillow, he didn’t stir until I took the pillow off his face. We had a lovely cuddle before we came downstairs.

Dembe has his third walk of the week this week with Martin from Happy Dogs. He was accompanied by another dog called Taxi who had a bit of a play with him. The weather was absolutely atrocious, I really feel for anyone who works outside at this time of year. Dembe clearly had a wonderful time on his walk as he was very tired for the rest of the afternoon. Within 15 minutes of arriving home he was out for the count.

I had a bit of a nightmare this afternoon as I managed to drop my mobile (cell) phone down the toilet. Thankfully I had my old smart phone still and got that up and running but the photo’s aren’t great quality on this phone so they will be a bit dodgy until I get the other phone dried out and working or repaired or replaced. I do have insurance so it isn’t the end of the world.

We had another surprise visit from Uncle Paul today as he arrived to collect his parcel that had arrived for him. Dembe went crazy! I also ensured I gave him his bag of Christmas presents as well. He had brought us a framed photo of Jay and I from 31st December from 2003, when Travis was a tiny pup. That was such a lovely thing for him to do. He is such a wonderful man who has had a really shitty time of it since his beloved Pam passed away. I so wish she was here to meet Dembe she would have adored him like she did the Weims.

Saturday 19th December

Well I am getting the blog sorted a day early as tomorrow we have a busy day dropping off the Christmas presents to various relatives. Hopefully Dembe will be able to meet his cousins Jacob and Charlotte for the first time.

Dembe is very tired this morning, it has been a full on week!

He decided this morning as I was having my breakfast that the only place he could possibly be was on top of my lap. Which was fine but my cup of tea was on the table and I couldn’t reach it!

He is very sleepy today as you can see!

He was all confused about the time today as he was waiting for his dad to come home from 12pm! Unlucky as he had another hour to wait, until daddy popped home for lunch. Dembe brought Jay his carrot when he came home.

He is now curled up on the sofa sleeping. I wish I was too!

This will be the last blog post of 2020 and we will be back in the New Year. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday and a peaceful new year. Stay safe xxx

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