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W/C 11th October 2021

 Monday 11th October

Dembe was not at all happy when the alarm went on my phone at 7am, normally we sleep in until around 8.30am most mornings. This was his face on watching me get out of bed. He cracks me up constantly as he is so expressive. I had to get up early as my hairdresser was coming over to sort my hair out after last week's photo cruelly revealed all my grey hairs! 

Dembe was really well behaved when the hairdresser was here, apart from trying to climb up onto my lap a few times. Since he had his day at the vets he is very clingy and if there is someone here that he doesn't know brilliantly well he is wanting under my skin. Poor sausage. 

He was very excited when his dad came home for lunch, bringing him his carrot and squealing with delight as his dad gave him a cuddle. Dembe was knackered this afternoon as he hadn't slept all morning.

When his dad got home just after 4pm he took him for a walk on Woodbury common. They went up to the airfield and Dembe had a fab time having lots of sniffs and meeting other dogs. As you can see from the next photo he was very happy after his walk.

Tuesday 12th October

Although Jay was day off today he had to get up early as he had to travel to his mums house an hour away and then take her a further 30 minutes away to receive her booster Covid vaccination. Dembe had an early walk on the common and another walk around the block before he left just before 7am. Dembe came back to bed upstairs and went to sleep in his dads room.

We had a knock on the door and I thought it was the postman as I could see a red jacket, it was Martin from Happy dogs. He had brought a present for Dembe and a refund for me as Dembe can't go on walks for the foreseeable future. The present was a kind of wobble treat dispenser, Dembe loved it because he loves treats.

The only problem was that as soon as the treats run out he barks at it non stop! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Dembe was very pleased to see Martin and he had a cuddle with him. I am just glad Dembe didn't try to make a break for it and climb into the back of Martins van as I don't think I would have got him out again.

Jay was home by around 11am and Dembe acted like he hadn't seen him in weeks. We took Dembe out for an early Woodbury Common walk as Jay is working overnight tonight and he needed to get some sleep in the afternoon. When he went up to bed Dembe went with him and snuggled beside him with his carrot - the big one.

Whilst the boys were having their nap, Petra from the Hydrotherapy centre rang. I have booked Dembe in for his first appointment on 26th October. Unfortunately due to us only being able to attend on a Tuesday that was the first opening. 

When I went to bed at 19.30, Dembe came with me. I was expecting him to stay downstairs with his dad but he wanted to go to bed. Jay came and got him at 10pm so that he could take him around the block for a walk. Dembe came straight back up to bed with no fuss and was an angel all night.

Wednesday 13th October

Jay came back at 5am and took Dembe out for a walk around the block. I was expecting Dembe to bark with the front door being unlocked but he didn't. Later on that day Jay told me it broke his heart having to put Dembe back in the house and then go back to work. Dembe tried to give Jay his carrot and he had to tell him to "go back to bed with mummy". 

We slept in until 8.30am and yet again I found him in his dad's room asleep. 

Jay came in around an hour later, he was exhausted and Dembe was thrilled to see him. Jay walked him around the block so that he could go to bed and not be disturbed by Dembe needing out. Dembe was more than happy to go back up to bed with his daddy and stayed there with him until he got up at around 1pm.

Whilst the boys were sleeping I did some sewing, as usual when I finished Dembe had to get in on the action.

Thursday 14th October

Jay is on a late shift today after working the night shift on Tuesday. Dembe had a walk around the block first thing and then another one on the common at around 9.30am.

Dembe was really unsettled today and barking at everything. Which was unfortunate as I was on a video conference call with Facebook this afternoon. As soon as I went to speak Dembe ran to the window. I managed to talk for a few minutes and then Dembe had to make his presence known. It was a bit embarrassing! Thankfully the other participants found it funny.

I was really unwell today, Dembe picked up on that and was stuck to me like glue. He wanted lots of cuddles and kisses. Even when I feel terrible he is a huge comfort.

Friday 15th October

It has been another rough day today. Poor Dembe was stuck to me like glue again! It must exhaust him looking after me. I do love a Dembe cuddle when I am feeling rotten.

This evening he couldn't make up his mind what toy he wanted to bring me.

He brought me Cleo ( the caterpillar ) Carrot, Find it Bunny and then Crocodile.

Saturday 16th October

This week has been a bit of a write off with my health. I am poorly again, even I am getting fed up with it now. Yet another migraine this is the 3rd in the space of 24 hours. Jay was on an early shift at 5.50am I gave up trying to sleep and came downstairs. Dembe was making a huge fuss wanting his breakfast. Now this week Dembe has had two days where he has barely eaten, we have remained firm and he has been offered his food for 20 minutes, if he doesn't eat it gets picked up. He gets no treats either if he hasn't eaten his food. Yesterday morning he ate his breakfast, last night he ate his dinner. Both those meals contained raw beef mince with 1/4 pack of raw food ( Chicken and Lamb variety ). So when he was making out he was STARVING this morning, I just thought oh yeah, what's the bet you leave it? 


He polished off the lot, with this meal I added in more raw food and reduced the beef mince a bit. Tonight I will push it a bit more and give him more raw again. It has taken us a month to get this far. We have had to be persistent and consistent with our approach. I am really proud of him for eating his dinner. He gets lots of praise when he finishes his meal. When he has cleaned his bowl he looks up almost smiling as we tell him what a clever boy he is!

We decided to go back to bed at 06.30am my migraine was getting worse and I really wanted to try and get some sleep. It didn't happen, Dembe went off into Jays room and I listened to a podcast about the Salem Witch trials until 08.30am. When I got up I was fully expecting Dembe to try and make out he hadn't been fed.

Weirdly Dembe wanted out in the back garden and he went and sat on his favourite seat. He is so well camouflaged that you can barely make him out. I had to bribe him with a cocktail sausage to get him to come back in.

He is so knackered from his early start today all he has done is sleep in various places around the house.

This suits me fine as I really am feeling rank today.

See you all next week!

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